About Us

Horses have always been part of my life, you might say that they are my passion!

I have been riding for the last 20 years, in a few different countries around the world. I consider myself a Dressage rider – I’ve been competing in Dressage and even tried a few jumping competitions. You can see below some photos of me and my horse ‘Tuscan’. Unfortunately, I had to sell him  due to change of family circumstances.
All those years I’d been struggling to find special horsey jewellery for myself. I wanted something unique to wear. When I did find a product that I liked, it cost a fortune and the delivery was too expensive. This is why I established this business, so people like me would find unique horsey products or gift ideas more accessible, and, more importantly, won’t need to pay a fortune to buy them. We are an Australia owned company, located in the South-Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, VIC.
I hope you will enjoy our products, and please feel free to ask questions, or comment on any issue.


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