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How is one riding experience got me to trust my horse?


Here’s a story of one of my riding experiences that was really frightening, but also got me to trust my horse much more, and I think because of that experience I had more connection with her.

One of the experiences I’ve had, which I would never forget, is when I went for a ride (in one of the middle east countries) where there is no much space, so the horses are in stables, all the time. the paddocks outside are very limited in space.

But one day, I went outside for a short walk with my mare, and from no where 2 horses galloping towards me, no riders around, they didn’t have any gear on them. I’ve never seen them before. they started to follow me, one from each side.
I started to canter towards the stables, and they are after me. I was panicking, I didn’t know if they going to kick my mare or bite her or even me.
I felt that in order for my mare to be calm, I have to  be calm, and so I started to go back to my stables and kept saying to her ‘good girl, good girl’. I felt she was calmer and that she’s actually listening to me instead of caring about the 2 other horses.
After about 10 minutes or so, just as they appeared they disappeared. I felt that me and my mare had a special bond since then, and I gave her a big cuddle when we were back in the stable safe from any harm.