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Pony Party


What to look for when you decide to have a Pony party?

Here are few suggestions when you consider having a pony birthday party or event for your kids

Party season is in the air. Racing carnival is just around the corner; it’s spring (finally) so that means you are spending more time outside, at the park, with friends or going to a birthday party.

When you consider having a pony party is a bit different and unique than normal party in a sense that there is a pony involved.

Now, horses are great, I’ve grew up with them, and if they been treated right and they are educated, they can be great pet and unique addition to any party.

There are few things to remember when you deal with horses:

My first thing will be safety. Even the quietest horse can suddenly be frightened from little things that us human don’t even understand. So when you ask for some information about your pony party make sure to ask about the safety procedures, few question to ask would be, do the kids wear a helmet when they ride on the pony?  Do the party provider explain the kids about safety around horses? How to approach them? What you should or should not do?

Second thing is to find out who are the people who ran this party? Do they have enough experience with horses? Do they own the ponies? I wouldn’t recommend approaching big companies that do few different party themes such as pirate party, Dora party etc, and among their themes they also do Pony parties. Usually, you won’t get a feeling who you will be dealing with at the party or what their experience around the horses is.

Private and small companies that are dedicated to working with animals are likely to be more reliable. You can try Parklands mobile farm animals for a variety of animals’ party as well as pony party or Shetlands for all occasions for a specialised pony party.

Most parties will run for about an hour and will have more than one pony, depending of number of kids.

Kids love the ponies they get to brush the ponies as well as ride on them, some of the party providers will even dress up the pony if you have any special request from the party boy/girl.

Pony parties are great and you can host it everywhere including your back yard or a park.

Last thing, the party won’t be complete with out horsey party decorations. Complete horse party range is hard to find, so please have a look at our party range and have a great birthday.

If you still unsure which pony party provider is right for you, check our online directory for more details and recommendations.

Happy Birthday!