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Horse Racing Handicapping Methods and Strategies

Are you looking for new ideas about how to handicap the horse races? Maybe you’re looking for a horse racing method that works. There are handicapping strategies that work some of the time, but is there one that works all the time and makes a consistent profit?

Evaluating the horses and then making your own morning line is the best way to find good bets. It doesn’t mean that you will know which horse to bet on when you’re done evaluating them, that knowledge will only come when you see the odds just before post time. The only way to find a good bet is to know a horse’s true chances of winning and then to see that the crowd has underestimated it.

There is no one single method that will always evaluate the horses and produce a true picture of the probability of each runner. The reason for that is that the factors that determine which runner has the edge vary from race to race depending on the surface and distance as well as the age and experience of the horses.

Even gender can make a difference as fillies seem to run more on the front end and are less likely to close on a front runner than the colts of the same age. Therefore, the best strategy is to find a method for each type of race and also to be flexible and watch trends and biases as they change.

The best methods for younger horses are based on speed, especially for fillies. In maiden claiming races it’s mostly about speed while in the maiden special weight races class matters more but speed still figures and so does the surface. Some races, such as the races on the grass, usually favor off the pace type…

Source by Bill Peterson