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Horse Games

3D horse or unicorn puzzle

What sort of horse games are there?

That’s a good question, firstly we would need to decide when we talk about games, do we mean classic board game i.e horse puzzles or we are talking about an equestrian event consisting of speed pattern racing and timed games for riders on horses, other known as Gymkhana or ‘O-Mok-See’ ( a term derived from a Native American phrase meaning “games on horseback.”)

here is an example of the Gymkhana games, it looks like a lot of fun, I’ve never personally tried it before, but it is another way to have fun and get involved in the sport.

Building horses puzzles can be fun as it brings the whole family together, there are new puzzles now days some of them are 3D and some are ‘normal’ puzzles. I think the 3D puzzle is very unique due the fact that not a lot of people building puzzles which are 3D, and it can be quite challenging to the eye, when you try to place your pieces together, it seems to be more colours on the pieces  than usual, to give it the 3D effect.

Another type of games are the online games, where you can find lot of games to suit the whole family, try for hours of fun.

What do you think? is there a game that you like to play? or maybe there is a game that you are seeking and it is hard to find?

I would love to hear from you.

Cheers Abby


3D horse or unicorn puzzle
3D horse or unicorn puzzle